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Our Capabilities

We strongly belief in manufacturing as much of our equipement as possible by our selfs. Reducing the amout of external labor is a key factor in staying competitive in an challanging environement and ensuring build quality to our own standards. Combined with a maximum of flexibility.

To make that happen, we brought all major manufacturing technolgies in house. Running state of the art machines with well trained employees is our commitment to Made in Austria.

Laser cutting

Most parts of our machines are made from sheet metal. Cutting sometimes quite challenging contours from a blank is the right job for a laser cutter. We run a state of the art high speed fiber laser to get the job done. Once all parts are nested onto a sheet by our talented CAM system – Electra takes over and from there it’s usually a just a few seconds.

Laser Tube Cutting

High-end CNC tube laser cutting system, productivity for large and small series.

Complex bending work

Bending sheet metal can be an art in itself. Manufacturing accurate parts both in flange length and angle can become a challenge with constantly changing raw materials. Grain direction, thickness and even stock-age can sometimes make a huge difference. To address these and many more parameters we run the smartest Pressbrake and CAM system available. An automatic tool changer creates the tool setup precisly to requirements and camera and laser driven angle measurement sensors take care of the rest. That helps with operator fatigue and ensures quality parts – first part – every part.

Deburring and edge rounding

The quality of a part is not only defined by its dimensional accuracy but also by its finish. Having well deburred and edge rouned parts is a quality boost in its own right. To make that happen, we invested in some high quality finishing equipment to process every part – reducing the risk of injury for operators due to sharp corners and edges.

Turning and Milling

Shafts, bushings, flanges – are at the heart of most assemblies. We run vertical machining centers and live tooling lathes with all the bells and whistles to do quality parts. All machines have automatic tool changers, tool setters, high pressure coolant and Renishaw probes for quality inspection directly on the machine. A carefully crafted CAM program and the machines take care of the rest.


Each assembly is professionally welded either TIG or MIG – depending on accessibility, lot sizes and requirements we weld by hand or by utilizing robots to speed up the task. Our orange coworkers are always willing to lend a helping hand.

PCB assembly / Control systems

We design, develop and manufacter all our control systems in house. A modern SMT production line creates quality built PCB’s from stencil printing to assembly – fully automatic. After firmware flashing and quality control – the board is ready to be installed in a machine.

When precission in key – Made in Switzerland – is always a safe bet. Our Tucano and Paraquda Pick and Place by Essemtec can assemble up to 12.000 chips per hour.